GetFastVPS was inspired by the VPS comparison table at http://vps-list.cryto.net/ that has become stale and outdated over the years. Another good VPS comparison site on the web is http://lowendstock.com/, but they mainly focus on super cheap VPS plans and don’t include a lot of the bigger VPS providers.

I run GetFastVPS by myself and am currently updating all the VPS plans on the site with correct data, but I can only do one or two providers a day so it will take some time before everything is complete.

Some links on GetFastVPS are affiliate links, but VPS providers do not influence the site in any way. It is for the consumer to decide if a VPS plan is crappy, good, cheap, or over-priced, not mine – I just lay the data out for easy comparison, nothing more.

-John Snow